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Welcome Kit Ideas for Healthcare Employees
When onboarding a new employee for your healthcare enterprise, first impressions matter. A curated welcome kit kicks off the journey with an expression of gratitude for the partnership. Include these recommended items alongside your handbook and welcome note as a part of your branded onboarding package.
Buying Guide: Luxury Corporate Gifts
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4 Lessons from Companies with the Best Recognition Programs
Looking forward, progressive companies realize that employee recognition will continue to be vital within a competitive job market. To this idea, you may be wondering what the best of the best are ...
2024 Product Catalogs Guide
New trends, seasonal offerings, fresh styles... Our collection of 2024 catalogs has it all. Get the scoop on what’s going to be hot with this rundown of our latest batch of apparel and product guides.
Wayfinding Signage Checklist for New Locations
When opening a new location for your organization, signage is critical. Wayfinding signage helps customers, members, and employees locate key areas of interest, as well as vital safety information.
Buying Guide: Instant Cameras
What’s old is new again, and what’s retro is cool. If you’re looking for a unique promotional product, look into the past. Instant cameras make a fun and unforgettable gift for employees and ...
Welcome Kit Ideas for the Insurance Industry
Onboarding new employees is an exciting activity - and first impressions matter. Put your best foot forward with a thoughtfully curated welcome kit, full of branded merchandise.
Employee Recognition and Retention Trends for 2024
Keeping employees engaged through meaningful rewards and recognition will continue to be vital in 2024. However, the tactics that are most effective may change. Explore the top trends for employee ...
Must-Haves for New Hire Kits
A cohesive and comprehensive onboarding experience is vital for ongoing employee retention efforts and forging powerful relationships. Put your best foot forward with a thoughtful new hire kit to ...
Buying Guide: Remote Employee Onboarding Kit
An employee's early days on a new team are vital and can set the tone for their expectations and feelings of inclusivity. Make them feel welcome by providing a thoughtfully-curated onboarding kit, ...