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Create new memories with lifestyle products for every moment. Our beautifully branded merch blends seamlessly into a comprehensive brand strategy and integrates promo into real-world application.

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QRG Employee Recognition

Your employees are the lifeblood of your business. Show them some love with thoughtful recognition programs tailored to their lifestyle, accomplishments, goals, and impact. 

QRG Brand Identity

Go beyond plastic pens and unflattering uniforms to powerful, brilliantly branded merch that adds value for your employees and customers. We create brand stories through the right products, to the right people.

QRG Company Store

Today’s employees demand a painless shopping experience, no matter the device they use. Our online company stores look good and do good. We also handle all of the behind-the-scenes shipping and fulfillment, to make it even easier for you.

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Start off on the right foot with intentional onboarding programs, and keep them invested throughout their journey at your company. Our onboarding and retention programs work in tandem with your employee recognition initiatives to create a seamless experience.

QRG Specific Product

Looking for something that wows?? We’ve got you covered. Apparel, accessories, tech, bags, and more - dig into our online catalog and see what we’ve got in stock.

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where smart strategy meets authentic aesthetic

We create compelling, cohesive, and just plain cool brand experiences. Our branding solutions aren't just beautiful - we tap into the WHY of what makes people connect with brands. Emotions, psychology, and the fabric of life - these flow into our strategy, for lasting impact.

Our Solutions

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Branded Merch

Create emotional connections where life happens. Promo products, apparel, and uniforms made-to-order for your employees and your customers.

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Build meaningful engagement through recognition. Go beyond basic awards and trinkets with meaningful, impactful recognition solutions that strengthen your employees’ relationships with each other and your brand.

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Create an all-in-one online store for your brand that does more than just make it easy to buy uniforms. Empower your best brand ambassadors - your employees - with the tools they need to cultivate company identity.  

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Support your brand with innovative print solutions that are both modern and effective - from visual graphics to direct mail, and anything in-between.

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Enticing Everyday Essentials

Stylish, modern designs your employees will love.

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DoGood, FeelGood, LiveGood: BrandGood

Responsible corporate citizenship

We live our brand, and a huge part of that is mindfully investing in the people and projects that make our communities great. 

As part of our BrandGood program, we lead initiatives surrounding three pillars: DoGood (philanthropy and service), FeelGood (employee wellness), and LiveGood (social and fun). 

It’s simple: when you do the right thing, you put good out into the world. As a company, we have the resources - and responsibility - to do just that.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Few companies actually commit in writing to “total satisfaction” for their clients. We do! 

QRG unconditionally guarantees all products ordered by its clients to be exactly as presented and ordered without product or printing defects. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with a product, we will gladly replace it or it’s free.

Look - whenever manufacturing is involved things can, and do, go wrong. While we can’t stop this from happening, we can make it Not Your Problem. You shouldn’t have to fight to get your product right. We’ll do the fighting for you.

We deliver on whatever you ordered, no matter what.

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