5 Tips to Ensure Your Print Marketing Stands Out

Marketing takes on many different forms. Today, it’s critical to not only have a strong digital presence, but a thoughtful print marketing strategy as well.

When thinking of where printed materials fit into your marketing mix, remember that they are often used as a first introduction to your business – and they should create a positive impression.

To produce influential pieces, you need to be creative. While print marketing isn’t new, you also don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Instead, spice up what you already do, to be more relevant and on trend.

Less is More & Big and Bold

On printed pieces, make your words mean more with the use of less text. You don’t need to explain everything with irrelevant jargon. Give people just enough information to make them take action. 

Likewise, make your words big and bold. A simple message in big, easy-to-read font will create a larger splash and stand out against competing print.

Consider Your Tone with Color

Create an emotional connection with your customers and further your message through the use of color. Acknowledging the different perspectives in which your marketing will be viewed allows you to design and utilize color for your audience, with your end goals in mind.

While it’s important to stick to your brand colors for thematic purposes, try introducing a complementary palette into your messaging. Additionally, understand color psychology and the emotions colors can evoke – a group of blue tranquil tones creates calm, while reds, pinks, and oranges create disruption and excitement.

Add Texture

As with color, textures can also create an emotional impact. Consider implementing both physical and visual texture into your designs. For example, you can emboss items, give them a 3-D, or raised, look, or deboss, which presents as an “indent” or stamp.

Visual texture is a cost-effective effect to add to your designs. Simply use imagery that replicates a textured look (like marble, parchment, crumpled paper, etc.) to tap into the tactile part of the brain.

Connect to Digital

Just because it’s on paper, doesn’t mean you can’t add digital elements. Add video alongside your print marketing – for example, materials that can be scanned to pull up a tutorial or follow-up email marketing with corresponding videos. 

You want to take advantage of opportunities to increase interactions with your content. Adding digital elements is key is to make print compelling enough for your target audience to want more.

Elevate Your Print Marketing With QRG

Commercial printing is about consistently hitting brand standards. Business documents are the heartbeat of internal operations and design, mailing, and warehouse services are often critical to the success of projects. 

Partner with QRG for a full-service print management company that’s tailored to meet your business needs. Expect exceptional services, high quality products, and cost-effectiveness from our print solutions that help create high impact, results-driven printed pieces.

Learn More About Our Print Marketing Solutions

QRG is a customer-driven, single-source commercial printer, branded merchandise agency, and direct marketing firm tailored to meet your business goals. Our corporate identity solutions create deep connections with a lasting impact on your audience. Learn more about how it works and check out our website for more information.

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