Discover our multiple locations in the Midwest.

At Quality Resource, we have strategically placed multiple locations throughout the Midwest. From Minneapolis to Milwaukee to Lincoln, our team is ready to serve you at any of our locations.


Minneapolis Headquarters

Phone Number: 763.478.8636

Toll-Free Phone Number: 800.999.3468

Fax: 763.478.8036

Des Moines Regional Office

Phone Number: 515.276.9623

Toll-Free Phone Number: 800.788.6376

Fax: 515.276.8002

Milwaukee Regional Office

Phone Number: 262.821.0660

Toll-Free Phone Number: 800.669.1543

Fax: 262.821.0773

Madison Office

Phone Number: 608.834.3400

Fax: 608.825.4747

Lincoln Office

Phone Number: 402.423.3676

Toll-Free Phone Number: 800.544.5058

Wausau Office

Phone Number: 715.803.7557

Fax: 866.577.3426