Why Are First-Year Impressions So Important?

Think back to your first job. You were probably a little nervous about what to expect, and whether you’ve made the right decision to being working for that company. This is how millions of Americans feel when they transition into a new position, which is why it’s crucial for companies to make their first impression count. 

Why is the First Year Impression So Important?

The first year of employment is one of the most important times to capitalize on opportunities to make your new hires feel welcome and comfortable. Company turnover rates are at top of mind for most organizations right now, and to keep them low, you need a good strategy. 

A positive first impression creates trust and gives an employee reassurance that they belong with the company. Establishing comfortability in an employees’ new position allows them to do their job effectively and to the fullest. 

How to Create a Positive First Year Impression for New Employees

Plan Ahead

The onboarding process starts before the first day of work. Going the extra mile to give your new hire some time to prepare for their role helps them hit the ground running and puts them on a quicker path to productivity. To give you a few ideas, here are some actions that you can take before their orientation:

  • Have the hiring manager send an email message to check-in with the new hire and answer outstanding questions
  • Send them new-hire paperwork to complete online
  • Provide a list of colleagues and an org chart to get them comfortable with whom they’ll be interacting with

Having this pre-onboarding process set in place will help them be better prepared for the first day, and they’ll already feel like a part of the team.

Give a Warm Welcome

It’s crucial to get your employee’s first day just right. This is their introduction to what it’s like working for your company, so ensuring that you’re covering all the right action items is important.

It goes without saying, but you want your employees to be glad that they’re coming into work, so make them feel welcome with some of the following ideas:


  • Send a personalized “welcome” email on their first day of work
  • Decorate their workspace with proper signage and branded materials
  • Introduce them to any employee recognition programs
  • Gift them with a branded welcome kit full of goodies such as apparel, tech, treats, and more

Creating a fun and neutral environment for your new employees on their first day allows them to get acclimated to your company practices and values - allowing a smooth transition into their new role. 

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Provide a Customized Branded Welcome Kit

Creating the feeling of being valued goes a long way when it comes to welcoming new employees. There are a few different ways you can accomplish this, but one of the most effective ways is to provide a branded welcome kit

This will not only give them a sense of belonging, but it will also create an emotional connection between your brand and the employee. When it comes to what the welcome kit includes, the possibilities are endless. Some of the products that QRG carries include custom onboarding kits, serene house relaxation kits, coffee lover gift sets, and much more.

The first year of employment is the benchmark of what it’s like working for a company. If the experience is undesirable, it’ll most likely result in some turnover. Ensure your new hires are well accommodated from the jump and give them everything they need to be successful going forward.

Leverage the Power of Recognition

Our meaningful employee recognition solutions can help strengthen connections between employees and employers, create a strong sense of community, and increase employee loyalty. Check out our recognition and retention solutions and contact an account executive for help starting a program at your company.

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