10 Meaningful Branded Merch Ideas for Employees in 2023

Creating meaningful branded merch, especially for your employees, is one of the best ways to show appreciation as an employer. Making a lasting impression on your employees helps both parties – if they’re invested in your brand identity, they’ll be happier working for your company.


10 Meaningful Branded Merch Ideas for Employees in 2023

The perfect merchandise ideas for your business start with your employees’ needs. Think about the kinds of products that would excite them and they would actually want to use. 

1. Remote and Hybrid Focused “Swag” Kits


With the rise in remote and hybrid work, you can introduce work-from-home “swag” kits. Working from home can be hectic for some, so make it easy on your employees by providing them with practical tools that make their day a little easier. These can include items like desk vacuums, desk organizers, lap desks, and more.  


2. Food and Drink Kits


Stock up your employees with their favorite food items for a busy day of work. This is a fun and exciting way to show your appreciation– whether they’re in the office or at home. Some popular food and drink items can include branded candy, popcorn, snack assortments, or sweets. 


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3. Self-Care Kits


The mental and physical health of your employees is highly important – ensure they’re taking care of themselves beyond the desk. Consider spa kits, wax warmers, stress balls, heating pads, or even massage guns


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4. Branded Travel Kits


If your employees like to travel, either for work or leisure, consider essential travel items that’ll make their trips a little easier. Backpacks, travel and computer bags, power banks, and cord organizers are all viable options to keep your employees ready for their next trip. 


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5. Portable/ Wireless Chargers 


Chargers are an essential item that’s popular with employees. Portable chargers give you the opportunity to spread brand awareness in a subtle way – that’s also practical. For an item that’s small and inexpensive, this is one of the best bangs for your buck. 


6. Bluetooth Speakers or Headphones


Give your employees a way to listen to some tunes with branded Bluetooth speakers or headphones. Whether your employees enjoy a good podcast or jamming to a curated playlist, they’re sure to use these fun gifts. Both are available at a wide range of price points, so you can pick the best option for your budget.


7. Mugs & Drinkware 


We can’t forget about the classics. Whether your employees enjoy drinking coffee, tea, or other beverages, the simplicity of a branded mug can’t be beaten. Whether it’s ceramic, stainless steel, or an insulated tumbler, almost everyone can appreciate a solid cup to keep their drink in.


8. Computer Accessories 


If you want to provide goods that help with actual work functions, you can always consider providing computer accessories. Branded microfiber cloths, mouse pads, desk mats, and blue light glasses, to name a few, are wonderful ideas to accent a work space.


9. Automotive Accessories 


Car accessories are one of those items that people don’t always buy on their own – so it would be a great opportunity to provide some useful items that also create brand awareness. For your commuters, these items could include branded ice scrapers, car chargers, phone mounts, and car coasters.


10. Fun and Games


There’s a plethora of options when it comes to gifting games and other activities. Whether your enjoy sports, board games, puzzles, or other knick-knacks, you’ll not only be providing them with a good time beyond work – you’ll also be able to incorporate these games at work parties and other bonding events.  

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