A cohesive and comprehensive onboarding experience is vital for ongoing employee retention efforts and forging powerful relationships. Put your best foot forward with a thoughtful new hire kit to welcome individuals to your company.

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Must-Haves for New Hire Kits

1. Printed Materials

New hire kits should always include any valuable information your employee needs to get started with their job. Taking the extra step to print out instructions, credentials, etc., prevents unnecessary confusion and wasted time so they can continue with their learning.

Level up by providing your employee a branded folder for these pieces. Necessary printed materials might include:

  • A personalized welcome letter
  • The employee handbook
  • Company directory
  • HR paperwork
  • Information about online company store

2. Branded Wearables

Your welcome kit should include some swag that your new employee can use and wear. If your business requires uniforms, you can include apparel selection information within the kit - or if they’ve already ordered their uniform, include the items themselves for a polished presentation. Additionally, small wearables like socks, hats, or ties are a low-commitment way to give employees company gear that’s branded, without being a heavy handed.

3. Office Necessities

Whether an employee is in-person or remote, make sure to include some office essentials in your onboarding kit. Stick to items that are always useful, even if your employee may already own a something similar. The below products all make great additions to a kit:

  • Mouse pads
  • Headphones
  • Phone chargers
  • Backpacks
  • Smart notebooks
  • Tech organizeers
  • Water bottles or mugs

4. Personalized Promo Products

Finally, think about your brand and values. Incorporate products into your new hire kits that help tell your company’s story and introduces the employee to your company culture. Some examples include:

A brand that’s known as a problem-solver and one-stop-shop gives out products that solve specific needs. Items like backpacks, toolkits, and computer totes serve a practical use and help reinforce brand messaging about providing what’s needed.

A brand that advocates for mental health and donates to charitable organizations selects products that support a similar mission such as t-shirts, cards or pins that help spread awareness or raise proceeds for a cause. 

A brand that values innovation and a strong customer identity chooses smart and trendy items that make an impression. Wireless speakers, tech accessories, and wearables in unique colors and shapes stand out and demand attention. 

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An employee’s first days at your company are crucial, and initial impressions are hard to shake. Make sure you’re making the most out of those early experiences with a new hire kit that communicates a well-crafted message and provides value to the recipient.

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