Increase Productivity with Merchandise Incentives

One pain point that many companies are currently experiencing is figuring out how to keep employees motivated. In today’s remote work era, productivity has been challenged to the point where organizations are looking for new and exciting ways to keep employees engaged and improve company culture.

This is where incentives can come into the picture. Recognizing employees for a “job well done” has proven to be effective and according to IRF, tangible incentives in the form of money or other rewards increase performance on average by 22%.

If you’re looking to galvanize your team, consider creating a branded merchandise program that aims to boost productivity and improve retention, thus alleviating employee turnover.

Create a Plan

For incentive programs to be effective, you need to strategize about how you’ll implement them and how they’ll support the achievement of your desired result. Think about the goals you want your employees to reach and what would entice them to do so. 

Some popular incentive programs include efforts around:

  • Quota: Incentives provided for meeting or exceeding set performance goals
  • Innovation: Rewarding new ideas and taking chances
  • Wellness: Incentives given for meeting personal wellness and/or sustainability goals
  • Peer-to-peer: Rewards given between peers to reinforce positive behaviors
  • Contests: Individual or team efforts are put together to compete for an awarded incentive

Choosing the right incentive program that makes sense for your team is very important. Think about timing as well - the longer the duration of the incentive program, the more effective it will be. No matter the type of program, it’s essential to create a plan that your employees will respond positively too.

Merchandise Incentive Ideas

Once you’ve identified the right incentive program, you must determine what kind of rewards you’re going to provide. With a new generation of workers and work environments, it helps to get creative with your rewards. Providing the right incentives helps you get the most out of your employees, so start to think about what they could use to better (or simplify) their lives, inside and outside the workplace.

Some ideas to get you started, include: 

Branded Gift Sets

Prime Line Beverage Lovers Gift Set

Gift sets and customized branded kits are the perfect incentive for employees who are looking for more practical rewards that they’ll actually use. Whether it’s a wine opening set, tasty gift basket, or a branded beer glasses, a practical gift set is the perfect way to show appreciation for hard-working employees.


Digital 4-Piece Technology Gift Set

When thinking about rewards, it’s hard not to consider all the technology that we have at our fingertips. If you want to give a little extra to those employees who deserve it - headphones, power banks, speakers, and other tech products are great options.


Branded Kitchen & Home Products

Baking Me Crazy branded gift box from QRG

Kitchen and home products are not only useful, but they also help to better the daily lives of your employees. As an employer, the more use that recipients can get from a reward, the more likely it is that they’ll work to receive that incentive. Sure, people love a good trophy, but using an item beyond the initial gifting often means more to the recipient in the long run and extends their appreciation. Some ideas may include a branded bento box for their lunch, a bamboo cutting board with your logo, or the Crumbee miniature vacuum (pictured). Whatever the reward, ensure that you are choosing a product that your team members will enjoy.

Car Accessories

Like home products, car accessories are another practical incentive that employees appreciate. In the colder seasons, commuting to work puts a strain on everyone. Giving products that’ll make their transport easier on a daily basis, is a gift that keeps on giving. Popular car accessories include ice scrapers, charging cables, cargo organizers (pictured) and more.

Healthcare Products

Finally, healthcare products are always a hit, considering many employees personal and professional wellness goals. There are countless different products that fit into the category that eases the stress employees deal with. For ideas, think massage guns (pictured), stress balls and relievers, or even a plush hot/cold eye mask.

No matter the reward, providing your employees with an enticing incentive helps boost overall morale and productivity. Being selective with the products that are used in your program shows your employees that you value them which helps create a better, healthier workplace.

Customize Your Branded Merchandise with QRG

From choosing the right product(s) to getting your design and logos done correctly to organizing drop-ship locations, the process of offering branded merchandise can be a hassle. Luckily, QRG specializes in these marketing solutions and will handle your next project from start to finish so there’s no worry involved.

We offer everything from promotional products to identity apparel and uniforms, printed materials, custom online stores, and much more. When deciding on your next branding adventure, let us help coordinate the selection, design, decoration, and production of your logo’d merchandise. Bring your brand to life with custom merchandise from QRG!

Streamlined Marketing Solutions


QRG is a customer-driven, single-source commercial printer, branded merchandise agency, and direct marketing firm tailored to meet your business goals. Our corporate identity solutions create deep connections with a lasting impact on your audience. Learn more about how it works and check out our website for more information.

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