We all have our favorite beverages. For some, a morning coffee is completely non-negotiable; a must-have that only a true disaster could keep them away from. 

For others, a workout/hydrating drink is always by their side or the doctor-recommended 8 glasses of water keep them refilling their bottles all day long. 

No matter what your drink or style is, we have drinkware BFF waiting for you.

Still, regardless of what we drink, how we drink our beverages may reflect our personalities and reveal some insights into how we approach the world.

We're definitely not medical professionals or psychologists - but we know this because we live and breathe branded drinkware. We also know that, no matter how you prefer to consume your beverage, there's a stylish piece out there that you'll love.  

The big question to ask yourself when choosing drinkware as a promotional product: are you a sipper or a chugger? Well, you actually need to know which one your recipient is - but if you can figure out that answer, you'll be able to find the perfect product for them.


Sippers vs. Chuggers

As experts in this field, we know there are two types of people in this world - sippers and chuggers. 

Drinkware for Sippers

The sippers of the world make their cups of coffee or tea in the morning and casually enjoy their beverages all morning long. The sipper likes to stop and smell the roses - approaches life as a journey. A high-performance copper vacuum insulated tumbler is a sipper's best friend. Why rush when you know that your coffee will be nice and hot for the next eight hours?

Drinkware for Chuggers

The chuggers fill a bottle at the water cooler, only to gulp the entire thing before they even get back to their desks. For the chuggers, hydrating is a task to complete - the faster the better. They tackle life head-on, so those wide mouth sports bottles are right up their alleys.

Water bottles, tumblers, and travel mugs are important personal accessories that we take with us everywhere we go. They're practical items that enable us to express our personality and style - which is precisely what makes them killer promotional products.

Whether you're a chugger or a sipper, your drinkware BFF is out there. Browse our full product listing to see all drinkware options.

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