Trade Show Experience

  • May 21, 2019

By Christina Fiebich, Marketing Director

Trade shows can be cutthroat environments. While people are typically courteous, there are plenty of fights. Not physical altercations, but fights to get attendees’ attention. Standing out and keeping someone’s attention is crucial at trade shows. By offering the best trade show booth experience, your clients can ensure prospects leave remembering your client’s brand. Here are some ideas that give an ordinary booth experience a special boost in originality and imagination.

67% of trade show attendees represent new prospects

Interactive Games

Since it’s really about the experience, how about a game that allows attendees to fully engage with the booth and the brand? Options like claw machines allow booth visitors to decide among plush toys, foam flyers, and rubber ducks, and then try their best to get the selected product. If they put in enough effort, they’ll value it more. This also attracts passersby to see what the fun is all about, promotes the featured product and gives your client ample time to interact with potential customers.


Virtual Reality

Suggest VR glasses so visitors can interact with multisensory demos that further market your client’s goods. Integrating VR components into the booth experience bring exhibits to life and even allow booth staff to personalize content in real time.  Check out how QRG did this for the Kool-Aid Man last summer and how RFID enabled event apparel can be used to personalize experiences, too.  


Since 2008, the number of U.S. social media users has grown from 10 percent to 77 percent, so exhibitors are relying on social media shares to increase booth visits.

Social Shares

In an age where every moment is shared on social media, creating an event or company hashtag can drive attendees to your booth. Imprinting ballpoint pens, tote bags, or stress relievers with both a logo and hashtag will prompt recipients to share images of your swag (or the booth itself) on social media. Customers are not only spreading the word about your booth and brand, but you can measure exactly how far the reach is via booth traffic and the hashtag metrics. If the company has an iconic logo or figure, that would provide another great photo opportunity!

At recent tradeshows QRG has attended, we've had a lot of fun with our QRG Cares Doing BrandGood Super Heroes face cutout banner display.  Let us help you create a piece that's right for your event.