How to Choose Effective Thank You Gifts for Customers

Choosing thank you gifts for your most important clients goes beyond selecting what's easiest to give, cheapest to buy, or trendiest at the moment. The most effective approach for this type of campaign is a strategic one. When determining how to reward their loyalty, follow these guidelines for picking the perfect promo items.

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Know Your Customers

Choosing the right gift is all about understanding the recipient - and that applies to client gifts as well. When deciding what to give, consider both the individual you work with and the association or business they may be affiliated with. What promotional products and themes aligns with both their personality and that organization's values? For example: a company that values sustainability will appreciate the thoughtfulness of eco-friendly items such as an eco-conscious organic beanie, environmentally friendly lunch box, or bamboo charcuterie board

This is where you should involve your other teams as well. The sales team may have detailed insights into individuals - they are likely to have mentioned hobbies, interests, and frustrations in passing. These everyday conversations provide observational data that can be used to identify high-value thank you gifts. 

Utilize Your Brand Identity

Your customers’ identity is important when choosing promotional gifts - but so is the identity of your organization. If you’re not sure what products will impress, fall back on your own brand’s story. Because your customers work closely with you, they likely respect or hold similar values to those of your company.

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For example: A brand that advocates for mental health and donates to charitable organizations might prefer thank you gifts from companies that donate their proceeds or provide products that help spread awareness like t-shirts, cards, and pins

Consider the Whole Package

Picking specific products is key, but don’t ignore the presentation as well! A thank-you gift leaves a bigger impact when delivered in thoughtful packaging with an intriguing design. When sending by mail, try choosing sustainable packaging to differentiate from the rest. You can also utilize branded containers to add an extra level of cohesion and create a compelling unboxing experience.

Most importantly, always make it personal by accompanying your gift with a custom note. Why are you giving this gift? And what do you enjoy about working with this client? Whenever possible, try to handwrite your thank you notes - taking extra time and care shows customers your appreciation for them and their business.

Determining effective thank you gifts is certainly a strategic endeavor. Consider personalizing your selections, reinforcing your brand’s values, and delivering an unboxing experience as fantastic ways to impress your clients. 

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