Surefire Strategies to Keep Employees Engaged

The last few years has presented the workforce with many challenges, including the increasing difficulty of keeping your employees engaged and motivated. With societal and individual pressures hanging overhead, it’s no wonder employees are distracted.

In this article, we’ll look at a few strategies that you can use to help keep employees involved at work, no matter the situation.

Start at The Source

When building a house, you don’t start with the roof - you start at the foundation. The same goes for constructing a business. You must consider all aspects of your employees as they dictate the health of your organization.

To understand their needs, you can offer internal surveys to receive feedback on what’s working well and what needs improvement. The more you ask for opinions and act upon their feedback, the more your employees will feel valued. 

Asking the right questions can also help you find out your team’s pain points and agitations, along with possible solutions that allow them to spend more time doing what they enjoy. Additionally, it can help you decide if there are potential marketing solutions that could alleviate current and future issues.

Welcome New Employees

To encourage engagement from the start of an employment, welcome new employees by greeting them with a branded welcome kit. We all know that joining a new company can be nerve-racking so try helping the transition by providing a collection of items that shows appreciation and supports their success in the new role. This type of gesture creates comfortability and encourages confidence in their position.

The contents of this kit can be simple or elaborate and will vary depending on your organization. You can get creative with this gift by including anything from gourmet popcorn gift sets, a branded backpack with goodies, company apparel, or practical office supplies. Finally, be sure to thank them for choosing to join your team and express your excitement in the opportunity.

Encourage Teamwork and Collaboration

Employee engagement is heavily dependent on how well your employees work with one another - sort of a given. An efficient way to promote positive employee interactions is to encourage teamwork and collaboration with rewards and incentives.

For example, if you are leading a new venture, you want to make sure everyone who is on your team feels included and valued. Whether it be small administrative tasks or larger strategy decisions, working well together is important to the success of the project. To incentivize teamwork, you can offer a reward based on pre-determined criteria.

Make sure to choose a reward based on group preferences and factor in the extent to which the task was performed. Items like in-office trophies, gift sets, or branded mugs are always appreciated and great for workspaces.

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Show Employees You Care

Creating community amongst your personnel is key to building a structure that encourages engagement at all levels. Employees who feel like they belong are more likely to be excited about their work and role. One way to evoke feelings of cohesion is by surprising your workforce with new company apparel or uniform options.

Employees should also feel valued and respected, no matter their position. Maintaining a certain level of equality by providing similar incentives with alternative criteria is encouraged for cross-departmental recognition.

Another way to cultivate a culture of caring is by growing relationships amongst employees. Activities such as coffee pow-wows, team lunches, and happy hours give you opportunities to foster understanding between co-workers and these events can be enhanced by branded merchandise.

Focus on Creativity

Getting creative with your engagement incentives is always better than offering boring products that will immediately end up in the trash. To do so, ask for input from your team or consult with one of QRG’s experienced branding professionals to find the latest and greatest on the market. Whether it’s trending or higher-end items, such as golf products, speakers, coolers, and more, show that some thought and creativity went into the products you give your employees.

No matter where you are in your business journey, better employee engagement will always contribute to a healthier workplace. Allowing your employees creative freedom in their roles and giving them creative incentives as appreciation, helps make your business a desirable place to work.

Leverage the Power of Recognition

Our meaningful employee recognition solutions can help strengthen connections between employees and employers which creates a strong sense of community, leading to increased employee satisfaction and loyalty. Check out QRG’s recognition and retention solutions and contact an account executive for help starting a program at your company.

Unlock the Power of Recognition


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