Employee Engagement, Recognition, & Retention Trends for 2023

The last couple of years has brought about some undeniable shifts in the workplace. The switch to remote work, virtual meetings, and fluctuating schedules has taken corporate culture by storm. And unlike initial thoughts, most of these changes are no longer fads but permanent solutions to a better work-life balance.

As a result, companies are beginning to re-think their recognition and retention strategies to help manage their valued employees. The following trends are a great place to start when thinking about how to keep your employees engaged with your company. After all, happy employees lead to a more productive company.


Focus on Employee Retention

Companies have been finding it increasingly difficult to attract and retain their top talent. One way to help avoid this issue is by recognizing your hard-working employees and showing them appreciation for the value that they bring. 

You can do so with programs that provide incentives for completing work early or hand out awards or merchandise over identified periods, in recognition of a job well done.  


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Offer Hybrid Work Schedules 

Hybrid and remote work options have taken over many industries where a physical presence to perform job duties is not as essential as was once thought. Well into 2022, we’re seeing many companies using these types of schedules and can safely assume that this type of work is more than likely here to stay.

Offering remote and hybrid work opportunities can be an incentive to bring in talent from a wider range of candidates. Shifting into the remote world has been a process for all, but it has afforded some big improvements in work-life balance and team morale for both employers and employees. 

From more organized internal systems to combat lack of communication, to meetings held exclusively in Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, or Zoom (regardless of being on-site or not), everyone has been adapting to these shifts to better serve the current workforce landscape.  


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Emphasize Employee Wellness 

Mental health has been the topic of discussion for many in the workforce, especially in the past couple of years with the isolation that can be attributed to remote work. Moving forward, the prioritization of employee wellness will be an emphasis for both companies and employees. 

From a professional standpoint, a healthy mind reduces burnout and increases productivity. From an employee perspective, companies who show compassion when it comes to mental health are greatly appreciated for their commitment to helping their employees.

One way to promote personal and mental health is by providing employees with equipment to encourage exercise. Whether it be a branded towel, headphones, wristbands, or other products, advocating for healthy habits and wellness opportunities is appreciated by many.

Develop a Clear Employer Brand

Employees have more incentive to work for a company that cares about its employees and their success. Part of developing effective branding includes a clear company vision, helpful onboarding documents, company-branded merchandise and more. 

Going the extra mile and offering branded apparel, rewards for your employees, and customized gifts with your company logo are great ways to show your employees that they’re part of the team.


Leverage the Power of Recognition

Our meaningful employee recognition solutions can help strengthen connections between employees and employers, create a strong sense of community, and higher employee loyalty. Check out our recognition and retention solutions and contact an account executive for help starting a program at your company.


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