Promo Tools Can Foster Community and Culture in a Virtual World

We've embarked on a national month-long quarantine, due to the rapid spread of COVID-19. Our lives are moving further into the digital realm. A completely digital world is quickly becoming more of a reality each day.

As we all shift to living lives of social isolation, everyone will be looking for ways to stay connected. Whether it be to the people we love or the brands we adore, keeping audiences engaged will prove to be the most valuable marketing tool. Branded merchandise is a major key to fostering communities and cultures in a growing virtual world. Let QRG help you find the tools that empower such a connection can help you find a steady footing in a landslide market. 

Company culture breathes life into a business. 

Like every business, you're focused on your customers, which of course, are the people that pay the bills. What often goes overlooked is their internal team—the ones keeping the machine running day-to-day. 

Every strong effort begins internally, with the team they’ve put in place to run their business. Research even suggests that 90% of employees believe a company’s culture is directly linked to financial success and perceived value in the world. Essentially, having an engaged team helps companies survive and thrive.

How does one do that when employees are at home? 

Now is the perfect time to help your customers bridge the gap COVID-19 has caused. Leverage products like calendars, notebooks, pens, mousepads, and more to aid your customers in their effort to create culture from afar. Sometimes, we forget how a fresh notebook opens up space for new ideas and better solutions. Check out how Numo makes office supplies look and feel like personal pieces.

Keeping your company culture alive and well also means reminding employees that they are part of your team. With people on their screens all day, it’s easy to lose that connection and feel like you’re siloed. Branded items such as mugs, cups, blankets, tote bags, and others are reminders that you’re part of something bigger—even if you’re miles apart. 

The last and most important thing your customers can do to boost company culture is show appreciation. Sure, everyone likes a fist bump and some words of affirmation, but social distancing and screens are preventing us from doing so at the moment. If you really care about your employees, showing them they are valued goes a long way in growing a healthy company culture. Sending self-care items like essential oils, stress reducers, even fun kits that let you escape the mundaneness of the workday. 

Now that your customers’ people are covered, let’s talk about your customers.

Little things make a big difference. 

Whether it be the sticker on your laptop, a patch on your backpack, or the magnet on your fridge, little wins are everywhere in our lives. You may be hesitant to spend on merchandise right now, but these little items are invaluable for maintaining connection and community. Let us help you get creative with items that keep their brand front and center with their most cherished customers.

Serve the virtual community.

Brands are adapting to holding their trade shows, conferences, and events. This doesn’t mean brands won’t adapt.  Microsoft is hosting its largest event of the year virtually.  

Don’t let this brief intermission turn into a full cancellation. The show must go on and brands are going to need to get their promotional products to virtual attendees. Every epic conference and event has shirts, hats, lanyards, and bags. Now more than ever, your event will benefit from creative products for conference attendees. 

We’re all in this together. 

Promotional Products can have a major impact on brand reputation and recognition when executed correctly. Give us a call at 800.999.3468 so we can help you build and foster communities in a growing virtual world. 

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