Branding from Top to Bottom

  • Aug 28, 2019

By Christina Fiebich, Marketing Director 

Make it Stand Out!

When you choose a lid imprint, you aren't just're creating a lasting second impression.  And it's such a new trend it will likely be the one they remember!  Give your drinkware a cohesive look by complementing your brand's art and staying one step ahead of the competition.  Stand out and impress your customers by imprinting in more than just one location.

Left: The 20.9 oz h2go aria

Middle: The 25 oz h2go concord

Right: The 20.9 oz h2go concord-metallic

A Foundation You can Build On!

Every good brand starts with a strong foundation.  With a bottom imprint, you can emphasize that strength and add confidence to your brand at the same time.  Build on your brand with a bottom imprint today.


Bottom Imprints

Left: 13 oz cora

Right: 10 oz jax

Make an Impression!

With these stylish imprints you will increase the amount of impressions you get from your drinkware.  From all angles your brand will be visible and the results will be extraordinary.  Upgrade your drinkware today by contacting QRG on our website or by calling 800.999.3468.