• Jan 2, 2020

With Valentine's Day coming up next month, a lot of companies are looking at ways they can do BrandGood. Often time, partnering with a nonprofit is the easiest way to give back.  If this is something you're thinking about doing, you may find the following facts useful.

There are more than 1.5 million registered U.S. nonprofits, according to the National Center for Charitable Statistics. With so many causes vying to gain new supporters, nonprofits are seeking new and dependable ways to increase donations. 

Trend: Reoccurring giving skyrocketed in 2018, with 40 percent more revenue from monthly  subscription-based donations over the previous year, according to M+R Strategic Benchmarks.


Charitable events are a unifying cause across generations. Fifty-five percent of millennials, 56 percent of Gen Xers and 58 percent of baby boomers attend fundraising events, according to Nonprofits Source. In response, nonprofits are ramping up their promotional efforts at events to leave lasting impressions. For the Susan G. Komen 3-Day walk in 2017, the hosting nonprofit issued LED wristbands to all attendees to wear during a ceremony. In addition, the charity offered ribbons with motivating quotes that could be used as hair ties or bracelets, promotional T-shirts and pink superhero capes for the event. Other popular event merchandise includes tote bags, reusable water bottles, writing instruments, and mobile chargers.

Donor Gifts

While it’s important to recruit new donors, nonprofits want to increase donor retention. Rather than simply sending out a thank-you card, charities can gift promotional products to established donors to earn higher favor and increase brand awareness. According to NonProfit PRO, swag bags are an increasingly popular way to thank donors by bundling branded items in a custom-printed bag. Possible gift items include tumblers, blankets, inspirational journals, and apparel.


Instead of an actual event with a set time and place, many charities are launching daily, week-long and even month-long awareness campaigns. A good example is the American Heart Association’s “Go Red For Women,” which encourages participants to don red apparel to raise awareness. In support of this movement, the charity distributes branded calendars, magnets, and other promotional items. Other possible products include apparel, ribbons, hand sanitizers, lip balms, and drinkware.


At QRG, we're experts in helping organizations do BrandGood. BrandGood is the business of benevolence.  It's creating a new way for organizations to brand themselves and help the communities in which they serve.  If you're interested in starting a BrandGood project at your company give us a call at 800.999.3468.

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