How to Incorporate Print into your 2023 Marketing Plan

  • Nov 21, 2022

There are many people that are under the false impression that print marketing is dead. In fact, it’s still a proven way to create positive customer relationships and improve your overall reach to your target audience. 


According to recent studies, the effectiveness of marketing campaigns that combine print and digital ads saw increases of up to 400%. Follow along with these tips to get the most out of your print solutions in 2023.


How to Incorporate Print into Your 2023 Marketing Plan


1. Know Your Audience


Any successful print marketing campaign starts with identifying your target audience. Understanding whom you’re targeting will give you more insight as to what your ideal customers want and need. This can help you develop a clear, thoughtful message on how your services will help them achieve their goals. 


For example, in the healthcare industry, organizations use QRG’s print solutions to empower patients with the right information at the right time to improve their health. By doing the back-end research necessary to find these opportunities, our printed marketing campaigns result in increased cost-savings for our clients.


Other Strategies to Consider:


Incorporate green printing to cater to customers that expect more sustainable options

Use tactile stocks and specialty finishes to attract a specific audience

Utilize product catalogs, artistic posters, custom menus, and stylized invitations, along with email campaigns, to attract for any upcoming events


2. Use Print and Digital Marketing Together


Print solutions and digital marketing can be considered partners. To get more eyes on your offers or promotions, try using the two strategies together. There are a number of ways you can do this:


Give your leads the option to order printed pieces via your website or social media

Include your social media handles and website URL in your print marketing

Create campaigns that use both print and digital – for example, send a direct mail piece and then follow up with an email two weeks later


Using print and digital marketing together lets you maximize the power of both.


3. Track and Report


One of the reasons why people discount print is because of inadequate tracking. To make sure all your work doesn’t go to waste, identify your desired results and find ways to track these from your print marketing efforts. You can try tracking leads acquired, resulting sales, replies from contacts, or other measurables from your custom landing pages and forms. To get a better grip on where your customers heard about your services, try including a field that asks for this information on a form or contact your customer service representatives to get insight on where calls are coming from.


Tracking and reporting will give you more insight into what works for your company. Keep these results in mind for the next print marketing campaign that you run. 


Final Thoughts


Utilizing print marketing allows for the creation of campaigns that will engage, inspire, and inform. It is a necessary tool to add to your marketing mix; one that can help your business grow and achieve desired results. When your digital offerings and communications only go so far, that’s where print solutions can help!


Creative Print Solutions



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