Healthcare Enterprise Solutions

For independent practices, hospitals, and other managed care organizations

We help acute, long-term, and managed care organizations empower patients and employees with the right information at the right time. QRG significantly increases cost savings by analyzing a company's activities in entirety, standardizing procurement, and leveraging overall spend.

Our resources include:

  • Creative services
  • Branding strategies
  • Uniforms and logo’d apparel
  • Signage and wayfinding
  • Awards, recognition, and incentives
  • Direct mail and data management
  • Commercial and digital print

Our Branding & Engagement Services

Create a Lasting Impact

Brand Identity Development

Go beyond plastic pens and unflattering uniforms to powerful, brilliantly branded merch that adds value for your employees and customers. We create brand stories through the right products, to the right people.

Make Ordering Easy

Custom Online Stores

Today’s employees demand a painless shopping experience, no matter the device they use. Our online company stores simplify that issue. We also handle all of the behind-the-scenes shipping and fulfillment, to make it even easier for you to manage.

Motivate & Inspire

Employee Onboarding and Retention

Start off on the right foot with intentional onboarding programs, and keep employees invested throughout their journey at your company. Our onboarding and retention programs work in tandem with your recognition initiatives to create a seamless experience.

Build Engagement

Employee Recognition Programs

Your employees are the lifeblood of your business. Show them some love with thoughtful recognition programs tailored to their lifestyle, accomplishments, goals, and impact.

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