Create a Fun Unboxing Experience with Corporate Holiday Gifts

The holiday season is the perfect opportunity to show appreciation to clients, partners, and employees with thoughtful corporate gifts. But here's the catch: how do you make this year's gift-giving experience memorable and fun?

Use this guide to craft holiday presents that not only showcase your brand’s personality through the items themselves, but also through the unboxing experience.

Customize Gifts

The more personalized you can make your corporate gifts, the better. For example, pick products based on the individual employee’s roles, hobbies, and interests. The same should apply to your customers as well.

However, for the sake of bulk ordering, it’s sometimes necessary to give everyone the same thing. In that case, look to your brand’s story as a guideline for choosing gifts. Employees, customers, and valued business partners all resonate with your company’s goals and values in some way - that shared connection makes a good jumping-off point for choosing items that are meaningful and customized, but still can be purchased in bulk. 

Pick a Theme 

The best way to make a holiday gift box feel curated and intentional is to choose a theme. This could be a product category, use, shared history, or even as simple as picking a color. Pre-made kits will help you stick to this idea, but putting a collection together yourself can create much more memorable experiences.

When unsure, a great way to build on a theme is by starting with one piece and choosing satellite items that relate to the use and/or identity of that product. For example, if your gift contains a yoga mat, then a carrying case, water bottle, or towel would work as complements to help construct a more cohesive story.

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Be Intentional with Packaging

Don’t overlook the power that unique packaging can bring to the table. A sustainable item delivered in a recycled box with eco-friendly paper will help strengthen your story and the impact of your gift, vs. if it were delivered in a non-recyclable plastic bag. Going a step further and choosing a branded box will help set your present apart and builds brand recognition. 

Beyond the packaging itself, consider how the items are packaged. What will the unboxer see first? Do you want to have all pieces laid out in one layer, or should they have to individually unwrap each product? These seemingly insignificant choices change the way your recipients engage with your gifts and the overall unboxing experience they will have.

Make sure to create memorable unboxing experiences this holiday season by following the tips above.

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