Ways to Improve Your Online Organic Reach

  • Dec 8, 2016

Almost everyone that has touched marketing knows something about SEO. Whether you’re a pro or small business owner trying to reach more people, we found some factors that can be blocking your organic reach, and how to breakthrough.
Keywords optimization
Creating a content strategy can be time-consuming but is an effective way to plan out SEO keywords for your business website. If you’re optimizing multiple pages with the same keywords, you’re losing out on reaching more people organically. It will also cause your own pages to compete against each other. Consider investing in keyword tracking tools to see how your keywords are performing week by week or even day by day. This will give you a better idea of what consumers are searching and how they’re finding your website.
Website updates
It’s common to see a decline in traffic when companies redo their website. Even if it’s not a huge design overhaul, it takes time for Google to re-index those new pages. It’s also critical to make sure that old URLs link back to your website. This will help your business avoid losing online traffic.
Bots can skew your traffic data because they mimic real users behaviors. A trick to spotting bots in your data is if your page is receiving a lot of traffic with a large bounce back rate and low average time on the page. To avoid having bots on your site, invest in commonly used and easy bot filters.
The inevitable
Every day companies like Facebook and Google are making it harder for business to reach consumers organically. Both companies have reduced organic reach in order to maximize ads on their sites. More often than not you will find direct traffic being cannibalized by paid search ads. Although most businesses cannot do much about it, it’s important to keep in mind for reporting and future data.
Brands can learn much more insight about consumers by taking advantage of SEO data. Take the time now to invest in maximizing your SEO initiatives for 2017.

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