Timely Topics for Direct Mail Campaigns

  • Aug 12, 2020

If you're not already spending your marketing budget maximizing direct communications to prospects and customers, you need to. But first, explore these four customer trends:

1. Empathy Matters More than Ever

Everything about this New/Next Normal is overwhelming. The magnitude of impact this has on our physical and mental health is unprecedented – from constant updates from government and health officials, uncertainty on things that should otherwise be simple and pedestrian in life, to dramatic swings in both financial markets and toilet paper inventory alike. Instead of avoiding the topic, marketing messages that convey empathy, understanding, and respect for the situation will go a long way in resonating with your current and future customers.

2. Involve Your Customers in Rebuilding the Community

Brands that focus on doing the right thing and genuinely involve their customers will see their efforts pay dividends in loyalty and advocacy. From monetary donations to opening up their services for free, businesses are stepping up and getting involved in the communities they serve. It is particularly effective is when a company also finds a way to bring its customers into this giving effort. For example, T-Mobile's long-standing sponsorship of Feeding America was supported by inviting customers to click on its featured $1 Donation offer via the T-Mobile Tuesdays App, its existing platform for offers and promotional items.

3. Consider Self-Care Luxuries

Brands can thrive by effectively communicating how they can help customers take better care of themselves and their loved ones. In times of economic hardship, consumers are more willing to buy less expensive luxury goods. This economic theory called the Lipstick Effect notes that pre-pandemic, conventional luxury purchases would have included auto, travel, or entertainment, but during the pandemic, we'll splurge on expensive lipstick instead. This theory was soundly proven during the last global financial crisis in 2008.1 The theory isn't limited to makeup. It extends to premium home exercise equipment, home hair coloring kits, audio/visual electronics upgrades, and premium/organic meal preparation kit subscriptions.

4. Focus on the Home

For most families, the home has always been the focal point of everyday life. Under this Next Normal, it is also your workplace, school, and sanctuary from the public health crisis just outside. As families adjust to vastly different uses of the home, they are also having to rethink the use of space, fixtures, furnishings, lighting, and even utilities like gas, electricity, and water. Messages that resonate may speak to:

    • How to gain efficiency for the home: from connectivity to energy conservation.
    • How to improve productivity in the home: from home improvement projects to prepackaged meal delivery.
    • How to mitigate risks around the home, especially from unplanned expenses: home security, insurance, appliance warranty, etc.

Closing Thoughts

Marketers should assess the position of their brand and industry with respect to this New Normal. Using the 80/20 rule, consider a targeted direct mail campaign that touches on at least one of the above trends. If you'd like help maximizing your next direct mail campaign, reach out to your QRG Account Executive or one of our direct mail specialists at 800.999.3468.

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