The Benefits of Target Marketing

  • May 11, 2017

By Christina Fiebich, Marketing Director

The key to marketing a brand is creating content that targets your audience. That means focusing on the right consumer with the right message. The result? Increased engagement. Get to it:


Do research on the right audience and learn about their buying habits, interests, and online presence. This will help you find the best platforms to advertise and promote your business based on your ideal consumers’ interests. We also suggest looking into the best marketing tactics for the audience. Would your perfect customer notice a social media post or print ad?


Work on creating content that will engage your target audience. Run a couple promotions and use the data acquired to see which offers work best for your demographic. There might be an offer that works better on social media compared to another direct approach. Fine-tuning your content will help increase engagement amongst consumers and improve overall reach to your website. Work backward from your customer’s buying cycle and find key points where you can interest them to view your goods or services.


Take a closer look at the marketing tactics you’re using. This may sound like a no-brainer but certain strategies, like direct mail and traditional print ads, work better for an older audience. If your audience is younger and more technology focused consider doing digital and email marketing.

Customer Retention

Although it’s critical to work on acquiring new consumers, it’s equally important to work on keeping current customers happy. Create a referral program for customers to receive incentives for bringing in new customers. Create a monthly newsletter for loyal consumers and include specials and exclusive offers for them.

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