Social Media Tips to Having a Focused Marketing Strategy

  • Feb 10, 2017

By Christina Fiebich, Marketing Director

Finding the perfect social media platforms for your brand is important to having a successful marketing strategy for the year. Although previous marketing news suggested being active on every platform, new strategies show that focusing on a few platforms is more effective for your business.

Find your audience

One of the most important parts of social media is connecting with the right audience. Tailoring your message to your target audience is the best way to have a successful campaign. Look into influencers in your industry to see what they are doing and possibly create partnerships with them to increase your reach as well as following.


Business social media requires having a strategy and game plan to engaging consumers and maximizing reach. Use reporting tools to find the best times to post, how many times a week to post and the most engaging content. Also, make sure to use each platform wisely; for instance, videos on Facebook are more successful than on Twitter.

Focus on your industry

When creating content for your brand focus on relevant industry news. Spotlight current issues happenings or helpful tips for the season in blogs and weekly posts. Every audience likes to be informed and understand the latest news and tips. It’s also helpful to share other content that is still relevant to your industry.



Since marketing changes constantly it’s important to diversify your platforms. Don’t rely on one channel to convey your messaging. Instead, we suggest being active on a couple social media channels and looking into apps and other websites to promote your brand.

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