Online marketing tips for enhancing your business

  • Jan 12, 2018

By Christina Fiebich, Marketing Director

Maintaining a strong online presence requires staying on top of trends and staying active. On a quarterly basis, companies should update their digital marketing plan to incorporate new strategies and test their effectiveness. Try some of these tips and tactics to upgrade your brand’s next marketing plan update:

Social trends. Many companies have taken advantage of consumer generated content to enhance their social media presence. Use posts like memes, testimonials and other digital trends to make the brand look relatable and up to date. Showing that your brand is customer focused will improve consumer loyalty and elevate the brand as a whole.

Multichannel presence. It’s critical for companies to be active on as many channels as possible. Only posting on one platform is limiting and will make it much harder to reach new prospects. However, make sure channels are aligned with the brand vision and showcasing all the products or services.

Mobile use. In this day and age, every consumer has a smartphone and uses it to their advantage. On average users spend 69% of their media time on smartphones. Take this opportunity to improve mobile advertising, update e-commerce and websites for mobile use.

Live streaming. In 2017 live streaming became a huge asset for businesses and influencers to capitalize on. With platforms like YouTube and Facebook small businesses can easily post live giveaways, special promotions and other limited time opportunities for consumers.

Current news. Brands have started being more active with voicing politics and news in order to show consumers they care about issues. For instance, Google and Facebook expressed their opposition to the immigration ban. Although this approach can be risky it can also have huge payoffs depending on the industry and target demographic.

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