Jumpstart Your Corporate Wellness Program

  • Dec 20, 2018

Having trouble getting your corporate health and wellness program off the ground? Is the interest there, but you need to build some momentum? Here are 3 simple ideas to help you spread the word, drive participation and increase excitement.

1. Promote

Communication is a critical success factor in any corporate programs. Sounds obvious, but employees won't participate in something they don't understand...or even know exists.

  • Promote your wellness activities from the moment an employee joins the company. Put a water bottle with the program's name in every onboarding kit for new employees.
  • Incentivize attendance at program info sessions by handing out branded earbuds - only those who attend the session get a pair.

2. Prizes

Human beings are competitive. Great prizes will push your program's weight-loss challenges and softball tournament players to give it their all. Put your logo on the prizes to get even more exposure. With countless prize options and price points, you can give awards to every level of achievement.

3. Party

Events celebrating the achievements of your program participants are outstanding for increasing the profile of your campaign efforts. Invite the entire company or department and communicate all the great things about the company's dedication to health and wellness. Free food and health/nutrition-themed giveaways like lunch coolers and gym bags will help attendance too!

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