How to Incorporate Guerrilla Marketing into Your Business

  • Jul 14, 2016

Guerrilla marketing is a creative and generally cost-efficient marketing tool to gain exposure and recognition. It has become increasingly popular and, if done well, is a unique and fun way to create more brand awareness.

Guerrilla marketing can be risky  This kind of marketing can be perceived as risky, making it not ideal for certain businesses. For instance, regulated industries like insurance usually have too much red-tape that makes it very difficult to create guerrilla marketing campaigns. This marketing tool can easily be applied to different businesses and has its advantages for small companies. Think of edgy aspects that can apply to your business and how to convey that to consumers in a creative and new way. Guerrilla marketing doesn’t require large-scale production, you can make an impact by only targeting a small sector of your audience.

How to get started  The first step to creating a guerrilla marketing campaign is to think of the core message your business wants to convey in a 5 to 10-second exchange. By creating a clear objective, you can create a concise strategy. It’s also important to realize that one of the biggest factors to guerrilla marketing is the press you will receive. If you’re not sure if your message will be seen as positively or negatively, find another way to communicate with your audience.

Tips for perfecting your strategy  Guerrilla marketing isn’t just a ‘stunt.’ Don’t focus on selling or pitching to your consumers, that’s one of the easiest ways to disinterest anyone walking by and seeing the campaign for the first time. You want to make your audience think, laugh and ultimately remember the brand or product. Also, it’s important to try to find a way to track the effectiveness of this campaign on consumers, whether it’s creating a quick survey on your website after the fact or a hashtag that you can track to see the progress. Guerrilla marketing can set a small business or a larger company apart from the rest, in a fun and innovative way to capture your audience and create a loyal following.

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