Fountain Pens are Back in Fashion

  • Dec 4, 2018

By Christina Fiebich, Marketing Director

According to various news reports, fountain pens are back in vogue. Millennials are said to be turning to handwriting because of digital fatigue. Market insiders are crediting the renaissance to "youngsters wanting to find an antidote to their increasingly digital lives."

Wendy Vickery, Marketing Director at Pentel UK is quoted as saying young people are increasingly "keen to put down their smartphones and pick up a pen to write letters, notes, and messages to loved ones, friends and colleagues" because "writing has become an escape for the younger generation from their digital lives."

Writing something by hand suggests a certain amount of time, effort, and care has gone into its creation. In addition, a fountain pen produces a unique flow of ink which can give your handwriting an impressive appearance. While most professionals use the computer keyboard do the bulk of their "grunt work", a fountain pen is quickly becoming the preference for executives to sign reports, doctors to sign scripts, lawyers to sign contracts, and even architects to sketch with. 

And with Millennials, bright colors are all the rage, not just on the runways of New York but with writing instruments. Today, fountain pens are available in multiple colors, not just black. It's time to go bold with royal blue, lime green, or hot pink! Learn how QRG can help you identify the perfect pen for your brand by calling 800.999.3468.


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