4 Lessons from Companies with the Best Recognition Programs

Looking forward, progressive companies realize that employee recognition will continue to be vital within a competitive job market. To this idea, you may be wondering what the best of the best are doing. And, how can you do it too? 

Top Workplaces pulled a list of 6 companies with great employee recognition programs, based on employee feedback. Here are some valuable lessons to be learned from their success that you can use to improve recognition in your organization. 

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Lesson 1: Peer-to-Peer Recognition is Key

Programs that emphasize peer-to-peer recognition are ranked highly among employees. These types of interactions helps cultivate feelings of inclusion. This includes team-building exercises, social media shoutouts, and frequent verbal praise alongside tangible rewards.

Lesson 2: A Culture That Values Feedback From All

Another common trend among top recognition programs is a company culture that removes barriers between employees and leadership, and encourages collaboration. In these cases, employees can be assured that their opinions are recognized and are appreciative when their feedback is implemented. This strengthens their bond with the company, and makes them more likely to cooperate at all levels.

Lesson 3: Diversity and Equity are Vital

Companies that have a DEI initiative in place to monitor reward programs helps ensure that all unique talents are recognized and not overlooked. By providing opportunities for all, these types of programs invite participation and help employees feel as though they are respected as an individual.

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Lesson 4: Company Culture is Critical

You may have noticed a theme within the previous lessons. While everyone values tangible rewards like products and cash, the companies that consistently rank highly are those who have a strong and empathetic company culture that values employees’ contributions and well-being. Inherently, people want to feel seen, heard, and valued. 

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The key takeaway from companies with great employee recognition programs is simple: respond to and reward your employees with actions that will be appreciated. Any company can do it. None of the lessons above require a high budget - they’re all behaviors that any company can implement. Whether giving physical rewards or developing your company culture, recognition programs keep employees engaged and builds trust in your business. 

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