Clever Ways to Update Your Marketing Campaigns for Spring and Summer

  • May 12, 2016

Customers are antsy waiting for spring and summer new arrivals. We have a few simple tips to help your business transition into the season with a spring in your step.

Social Media Consider upping your game on running social media contests. Special days and national holidays like Mother’s Day, Earth Day and Fourth of July make for great content to customize contests and engage users. Think like your customer to create a contest that connects your brand to consumers, and personalize the contest to each holiday and region.

Collaborate Take advantage of this time to create new partnerships with different types of companies. From sports teams to spirit brands, they’re hungry for partnerships that will keep them relevant during these seasons. Scope out brands and companies that your target demographic is interested in and brainstorm creative ways to collaborate. (Tip: It doesn’t hurt to check out what the competition is doing either.)

Outdoor Events  This time of year also brings balmy weather, ideal for hosting outdoor events to engage your local community and bring more awareness to your company. It’s also a great chance to network with local businesses that are on brand with your business and can attract a larger audience.

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