How to Choose Uniforms for Your Restaurant Staff

Choosing a restaurant uniform is often easier said than done. As a restauranteur, how do you effectively balance function, form and budget? 

Try starting with our guide below and keep these core tips in mind when creating a uniform strategy for your staff.

Shop by Function

The function of your uniforms is by far the most important factor to consider and should always be your starting point. This will likely mean that you’re going to need to choose different options for different team members. In the back of the house, uniforms that prioritize safety and food hygiene are a must. However, the front of the house employees are more appearance-focused, needing comfort and recognizability. 

Consider the typical job duties for each position and begin there. With so many options available now, you typically don’t have to sacrifice form for function - you can still select a great-looking uniform that’s safe, comfortable, and practical for your employees.

Aim for Recognizability, Not Rigid Uniformity

While most relevant for customer-facing employees, this is also useful to remember for back of the house employees as well. When choosing a uniform, you must account for a variety of body types and ability levels. Likewise, they may be working in a wide range of environments - the temperature levels inside the kitchen vs. the drive-through window can be drastically different.

So while it’s important to choose uniforms that are recognizable, don't necessarily insisting on the same exact cut and style for every single employee. The goal - especially with those who are forward-facing - is to present a unified look so that customers can easily identify employees. This can be achieved by making sure you choose the right branding.

Explore Popular Uniforms

Another good place to start is seeing what other businesses choose. Explore our curated selection of uniforms below. 

collage of restaurant workers in uniformsServer/Host

Good Combo: Ultimate Polo #1512/5512; Essential Pant #2793/8793; 3-Pocket Waist Apron #9003

Better Combo: Batiste Hospitality Shirt #1392/5392; Flex Chino Pant #2583/8583; Twill Waist Apron #9041

Best Combo: Batiste Café St #1291/5291; Ottoman Trim Vest #4398/7398; Performance Stretch Pant #2558/8558

Kitchen Staff

Good Combo: Food Service Polo #1586; Cook Shirt #1302; Traditional Chef Pant #2001; Ball Cap #HT03

Better Combo: Cook Shirt with Mesh Back #1305; Ultimate Chef Pant #2002

Best Combo: Chef Coat with Mesh Back #3333; Cargo Chef Pant #2003; Twill Bib Apron #9043


Good Combo: Ultimate Lightweight Polo #1522/5522; Rugged Comfort Pant #2551/8551

Better Combo: Essential Broadcloth #1354/5354; Flex Chino Short #2483/8483

Best Combo: Melange Camp Shirt #1039/5041; Flex Chino Pant #2583/8583; Ponte Knit Pant #8571

Partner with a Brand Expert

Planning and executing a full-scale uniform strategy that balances form, function, and budget can be a challenging task. Partner with a branding expert at QRG for a completely customized plan that not only fits but exceeds your expectations.

QRG is a proud supplier of retail, restaurant, and hospitality uniforms. From classic to contemporary styles, we offer high-quality pieces for your employees to wear.


Don't choose between form or function; keep your employees satisfied with snag-resistant, comfortable styles that look great.

Interested in useful workwear solutions? Request info.

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