Benefits of account-based marketing

  • Oct 13, 2017

By Christina Fiebich, Marketing Director

Creating a strategy for your marketing team and overall plan is crucial for your team as well as business success. Many marketers get caught up in the day-to-day responsibilities and forget how important a strategy is for any client, especially B2B. Here are our biggest benefits for having an account-based marketing (ABM) position or team in order to merge the gap between marketing and sales.

Personal touch: Account-based marketing is a great opportunity for marketers to create a personalized message for very specific groups, instead of having broad descriptions of their demographic. Each account should have a different approached based on specific and detailed consumer insight from the industry.

Enhancing customer acquisition: As we’ve mentioned before, customer acquisition is one of the pillars to creating a profitable business. The key advantage to ABM is that it allows marketers to focus on key prospects and eliminate inefficient leads. Only 0.75 percent of leads generated become closed revenue. Take this opportunity to improve customer acquisition in the long run.

Return on investment: A common problem in marketing is that sales don’t see the return on investment with traditional tactics. However, ABM works on creating the highest and fastest ROI among the B2B industry. This is due to the fact that account-based marketing works closely with sales in order to identify keep prospects.

Efficiency: One of the biggest perks of account-based marketing is that it helps prioritize all marketing efforts to improve efficiency with resources and cost. When businesses learn how to eliminate pointless promotions, events, tactics and more, it allows for better time management and resources. Shifting your efforts to ABM will also set clear budget goals for the following quarter.

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