5 Ways XPRESSLink Stores Increase Efficiencies

If you're an organization with multiple sales reps, sales offices, distributors, dealers, or locations all needing marketing collateral, business printing, branded merchandise, and/or identity apparel, an online company store can save you countless hours and maximize your budget. Whoever's managing these requests faces an inbox full of emails, a voicemail full of messages, numerous details, and deadlines of yesterday! Placing orders, creating artwork, getting approvals, coordinating delivery, reordering old items, and ordering new branded merch, and accurately reporting is required to be successful. This can put significant stress on your internal team who you need focused on your core business.

QRG's XPRESSLink online company store platform can manage this for you. Your reps, dealers, and locations can log on anytime and order materials. Your goods are all either stocked at a central location and ready to ship out immediately or printed on demand and ready in days. XPRESSLink showcases, manages, and tracks everything in one streamlined order system.

Implementing an online company store can streamline your marketing, connect all of your parties, and improve efficiency in 5 key ways.

1. Unfettered Accessibility

An online company store makes your marketing materials accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Instead of having to contact your in-house team with every request for print or branded items, users simply access and order online. This eliminates your team's internal workload and offers convenience to your reps and other departments in need of supplies. Visitors can view detailed product information, get a quote, place an order, review their order history, and more.

The time saved by streamlining your communication both internally and externally can be significant and allows your marketing team to work smarter, not harder.

2. Effortless Brand Consistency

Maintaining brand consistency across all areas of business can be challenging especially when you're dealing with multiple locations, franchise owners, or a demanding sales team. An online company store simplifies that process by allowing your team to maintain control of all marketing, print, and promo materials. From PANTONE shades to font sizes, you have complete control of your brand. No matter the department or individual,  orders placed through our XPRESSLink stores guarantee brand consistency.

Not having to manage your brand across multiple departments alleviates conflict and stress giving them time to focus on core business.

3. Centralized Logistics

Many of our clients report that centralized logistics are the greatest benefit of XPRESSLink stores. By having your goods warehoused and fulfilled, there is no need for storage space or finding the time and materials to ship supplies out. A combination of printing on-demand and warehoused items for high-demand, fast-turn items often works well for many of our clients. Products can ship directly to your pre-approved locations or any ship-to address.

Gone are the days of nervously watching a deadline creep up and hassling internal staff for updates on where their shipments are at. Ordering and shipping confirmations are automatic and our amazing customer service team is here to address any issues.

4. Simplified Reporting

XPRESSLink has easy reporting to track usage, like inventory levels, usage by user, and budget info. Not having to manage spreadsheets or physically count the stock in your marketing closet is a huge time saver. Custom order and buyer history reporting, plus accurate forecasting, takes the guesswork out of ordering and minimizes waste.

5. Complete Budget Control

XPRESSLink allows you to create custom user roles and permissions, giving individuals or groups at different levels access to approved products. You can create approvals to control spending. Spending allowances can be set and adjusted within budgeting limitations at a managerial level freeing up senior staff for more important tasks. Flexible payment options include credit cards, purchase order numbers, account credit, and promo code support.


Next Steps?

Interested in seeing if an XPRESSLink online company store is right for your brand? Reach out to your sales rep or give one of our expert XPRESSLink team members a call at 800.999.3468. And if you want to move the process along a bit faster, complete the XPRESSLink Interest Form here.

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