5 Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

  • Nov 10, 2016

Almost all marketers will agree that content is king. Creating a strategy that successfully incorporates content marketing for growing businesses is critical, however, it’s easy for businesses to make oversights when creating content strategies. Here are our 5 ways to sidestep some of the biggest content marketing mistakes businesses make.

Focus on your target market

If your company has amazing content, but it’s focused on the wrong demographic that content will get lost in the noise and fall on deaf ears. Make sure you understand your target audience and find out what their needs and wants are before creating content. One easy way to get a good grip on how what makes your audience tick and what content appeals is to scope out the websites, social media, and blogs they use regularly. This will help your business efficiently tailor content to your ideal customer and audience.

Balance SEO

Striking a balance between SEO keywords and your audience is critical to making a strong content marketing plan. We suggest focusing on content first and then investigating keywords to enhance your visibility online. Organic searches are still one of best ways to drive traffic to your business.

Create meaningful content

Publishing meaningless content is easy, however, it does nothing for your business. It’s critical to make content that actually has value. This will come naturally once you more clearly hone in on your target market as referenced above.

Repurpose content on different platforms

Creating content is time-consuming and costly. However, good content can easily be repurposed to share on multiple platforms. For instance, if your business has an eye-catching visual, incorporate them into your website, social media channels, email campaigns and other platforms. Not only will this save time and money, it will help reaffirm your brand identity.

Understand analytics

Collecting data from your campaign is critical to understanding how well it’s performing. Make sure to look into consumption metrics, sharing metrics and sales metrics that align with your goals. These metrics will give your business a better idea of the effectiveness of your content and help you make any necessary adaptations for the future.

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