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Hard-Working Clothing For Those Who Work Hard

Our workwear options keep your brand uniform, without sacrificing employee comfort or style. Our durable, easy-to-clean workwear is effortlessly branded for customer recognition.

For your employees, keep them comfortable with looks that are made to work. We have workwear and uniform solutions for any industry or situation, no matter how messy.



Branded Uniforms

Retail, Restaurant, and Hospitality

QRG is a proud supplier of retail, restaurant, and hospitality uniforms. From classic to contemporary styles, we offer high-quality pieces for your employees to wear.

Don't choose between form or function; keep your employees satisfied with snag-resistant, comfortable styles that look great.





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What to Consider When Building a Company Store

Offering a company store is a fantastic way to streamline uniform ordering and offer employees (or customers) an opportunity to promote your brand through real-world applications. ...
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Step into fall with our new seasonal catalogs. From cozy wearables to meaningful moments, browse these branded guides for some autumn inspo.
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How a company recognizes its staff greatly impacts how those employees view their overall career and contributes to workplace satisfaction. One of the ways you can cultivate a ...
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The Constellation Model: Understanding Customer Buying Behavior

Why do consumers make the buying decisions they do? How do they choose a company to work with? It’s not as simple as picking the “best” option for their needs. In fact, customers ...
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How to Set Up a Uniform Program

Uniforms are a critical component of many companies’ branding. Whether showcasing professionalism, highlighting brand identity, or displaying conformity, the clothing that ...
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How to Choose Custom Company Apparel

Choosing the right custom apparel for your company is essential for many reasons. Clothing can create a culture of inclusion and consistency for your employees. It can set the ...
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Branding the Fitness Boom

A variety of factors are contributing to the health and fitness boom in the US including health insurance costs, wearables, budget-friendly gym options, and streaming services. ...
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2019 Golf Shirt Trends

Color-ways, Prints and Reimagined Necklines for 2019 Golf Shirts
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RFID Technology

The Power of Name Brands

Give your gift that little something extra. In a recent article discussing brands and the benefits they deliver, Rob Wengel, senior vice president of global data analytics firm ...
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Knock Your Socks Off!

Keep Your Brand Top-of-Mind this Winter

It's never been easier to custom design beanies and stocking caps that will increase your company's visibility. In the U.S, the average branded headwear item makes 3,136 ...
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Fall 2018 Fashion Trends by Sanmar

Just in time for school, apparel provider Sanmar shares their look at Fall 2018 trends. Instead of school uniform, think "you-niform". This Fall's all about uniqueness and ...
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Performance Fabric for Smartly Dressed Female Professionals

Like most professional women today, I work long hours, travel regularly, and want to look stylish and professional while doing it. Plus, I want the added benefits of being ...
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The Flannel Phenomenon

We reported Wednesday that "Flannel isn't going anywhere," which got us thinking, where did it come from? Promo Marketing reported that "The long-held joke in manufacturing ...
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What's Trending in Tees on College Campuses

Bella+Canvas released their Sorority T-shirt Trend video update today. Take a look to see what's trending on college campuses.
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