Reopening Safety Checklist

Safety Checklist for Reopening
These last few challenging months have taught us new lessons. Being prepared has taken on a whole new meaning. At QRG, we've applied what we've learned and created a checklist to help our clients open back up safely. 
Many companies are ordering supplies now for what the fall may bring, rather than reliving the chaos of this spring. Our top priority is helping you keep your employees and customers safe. Please download our free tool and reach out if you need assistance with return-to-work safety items or any other project.
Physical Barriers
Add a protective barrier to public spaces in order to reduce the amount of physical contact between employees and customers. Various sizes, configurations, attachments, and opening styles are available. Share your challenges and let our experts recommend safe solutions that will fit your budget.
Floor Decals & Signage
Encourage proper social distancing and traffic flow with stock or custom floor decals and other business signage. Our quick video identifies areas where you should consider adding safety signage to protect your employees and customers.
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Contactless Thermometers
Taking the temperatures of employees and others visiting your business may be adopted as a precaution for public health and safety. Supplies are limited and preorders may be required.
Antibacterial Pens
Antibacterial pens have an antimicrobial additive incorporated into the plastic during manufacturing that suppresses the growth of bacteria, algae, fungus, molds, and mildew. Invest pennies now to help protect your people.
No Touch Tools
Consider pairing one or more of our no touch tools with our custom retractable reel lanyard to ensure that your team is staying safe while using shared equipment. We have a broad selection of stylus tools for touch pads and key tools for doors, drawers, and fixtures. When used correctly, a no touch system can significantly help reduce risks.
Dispenser Bottles
Looking for an economical way to keep cleaners or sanitizers at multiple locations across your business? Consider filling branded dispenser bottles with bulk product.
Face Masks & Coverings
The CDC recommends wearing a mask in public spaces. Face coverings protect those around you when physical distancing is difficult to maintain. Click on the button below to view the Top 6 Dos and Don'ts of Purchasing PPEs. Contact us if you need a recommendation for your specific situation.
Please contact usfor options, pricing, and inventory.
Due to current conditions product availability changes frequently.

Originally Published 5/28/2020