Family Fun Time

The grass is green, the weather is beautiful, and everyone is excited to play outdoors. Show clients, prospects, and employees you care about their happiness and well-being with entertainment lifestyle products. In a time when social distancing makes in-person meetings virtually impossible, use an interactive family bonding activity to help build and reinforce a positive relationship. Put your brand at the center of happy moments and memories for years to come.
For the Fun of It
Games provide an opportunity for the entire group to participate and help draw even the most aloof of individuals into family fun time. These games offer the opportunity to link your brand with repeatable, enjoyable, and memorable experiences. Consider one of the pieces from our curated game collection for your next campaign or promotion.
Lifestyle Sports
Our corporate promotional program provides the ideal opportunity for you to design custom branded sporting goods. We'll work with you to design the perfect piece whether you're looking to launch a product or event, offer a unique incentive, create a one-of-a-kind point of purchase display, or gift a deserving recipient. Our lifestyle sports promotional product presentation is a great idea generator.
Golf is Open "Fore" Business
The popular notion that more business gets done on the golf course than in the boardroom may prove true this year. While social distancing measures continue to make in-office calls difficult, golf courses are now open in all 50 states.(1) Take advantage of the fact that 33.5 million Americans play golf and 36% of us played, watched, or read about golf last year.(2)
Golf has always been seen as a networking opportunity because it provides extended face time with a client in a serene surroundings where you can learn about their business while forging a friendship. Consider taking a client to the course and leaving them with a useful product they'll incorporate into their game and will remind them of the experience.
But even if you can't take someone to the course, give them something they'll value and use while they're playing. Link your brand in a positive way to this 600 year old pastime.
Quieter Activities for Home
Whether you're looking for a way to stay strong mentally, physically, or emotionally, our "Stay Strong, Stay Safe" flipbook has lifestyle merchandise ideas everyone will appreciate.

Originally Published 5/21/2020