Trends with Company Holiday Parties

  • Nov 15, 2018

By Christina Fiebich, Marketing Director


Holiday Party Trend

While December signals the end of the year, it does not mean companies should let consideration for their employees go into hibernation for the winter. Reward your team with holiday hoopla. According to an OfficeTeam study, 52 percent of hires deem a company party their top work-related seasonal celebration. Reasonably any shindig should include some gifts or tokens of appreciation for their 12 months of dedication.


Holiday Parties by Year


There may never be a shortage of ideas regarding how to give back to devoted staff members, but here are a few areas to consider.


Employee Gifts

While some entities might be lavish with their purchases, it is possible for your to offer something that shows gratitude, yet does not break the bank. Advertising Specialty Institute reports that adding a logo is a popular option with nearly half of American companies offering branded gifts during the holiday.

Apple recently gave its workforce a branded backpack while IKEA endowed staffers with a fitness tracker. Such gestures are easy to duplicate and will leave lasting impressions on the recipients due to their repeated usefulness.



A study from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania determined that displays of gratitude from managers could increase productivity by 50 percent. While a gift alone could encourage that boost, adding a personal touch to it through a handwritten note or card could compel a worker not only to be more diligent, but also more invested in nurturing an employer’s identity.


Party Giveaways

While employee gifts might tend to be uniform, party giveaways present a great opportunity to be novel. As another chance to build brand awareness, products such as beanies, long-sleeve tees, and texting gloves can commend workers for their knowledge of trivia, their creativity, or their teamwork. No matter the means by which companies give them out, branded merchandise is guaranteed to add extra life to the party.