Top Marketing Trends for 2017

  • Jan 12, 2017

Marketing is constantly evolving, and with 2017 around the corner it’s the perfect time to spotlight the new trends and must know tips for the year. Here are our picks of the biggest marketing trends to watch:
More and more, we will see brands personalizing they’re promotions, website and more in order to build relationships with consumers. Companies like Google are using customers searches to personalize their future searches. This same tactic can be applied to brand promotions and special offers. We also suggest working on making your brand more personalized to add that extra value to the customer experience.
Experience-driven marketing
Marketing in 2017 will have a bigger focus on customer experience than just products. People are interested in how a brand can enhance their experience if they have any corporate social responsibility initiatives and more. An easy way to figure out how to improve your brand's experience is by asking local consumers you can trust.


Social media
Although social media has been around for a while, it will continue to dominate and grow in 2017. The difference is that brands need to incorporate personalized experiences. Try doing live videos at fun events or share in the moment photos for your audience. We also predict that brands will become more selective with platforms. For instance, Twitter will continue to decline, while Snapchat will grow and may be a great way for your business to engage with its audience.
Influencer marketing will continue to grow
Many companies have already started taking advantage of influencer marketing. If you’re a growing business that is selling products locally, consider finding great local influencers that are in touch with your target audience. The same thing can be applied to larger companies targeting multiple markets and demographics. It’s also critical to create relationships with these influencers and ultimately have them like or use your products.

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