Performance Fabric for Smartly Dressed Female Professionals

  • Aug 20, 2018

By Christina Fiebich, Marketing Director

Like most professional women today, I work long hours, travel regularly, and want to look stylish and professional while doing it.  Plus, I want the added benefits of being comfortable and remaining unwrinkled.  Personally, I'm a huge fan of my BetaBrand yoga dress pant. I love their comfortable fit and easy care. (Yes, part of that is that they come in longs that fit my nearly 6-foot frame.) But regardless of the cut, it's the fabric that makes me a "raving fan".  And it's not just the crowdfunded designers that are finding success with performance fabrics for professional wear. Joanna Dia launched an eponymous brand, Dai, last year that incorporates technical, performance fabrics into high-end professional clothing.  Many of these same smart fabrics have recently become available to the advertising specialties industry in professional styles.  

Looking for a comfortable, professional option to add to your company's identity apparel selection? Below are a couple of on-trend options highly recommended by QRG's branded merchandise specialists. Give us a call for more stylish and comfortable options suitable for your brand, 800.999.3468.

Ladies' Perfect Fit Draped Open Blazer by Devon & Jones

Ladies' Perfect Fit Tailored Open Neckline Top by Devon & Jones