Help Your Business Thrive in 2016 with These Consumer Trends

  • Mar 10, 2016

2016 is in full swing and it’s quickly becoming the year customers dominate the marketing industry. From customer service to consumer insight and guest experience, marketers are relying on most of these tactics to perfect their marketing efforts throughout the year. More and more, companies are taking into account customer reviews and interacting with consumers to better understand their audience. We found three top trends your brand marketing needs to excel in 2016.

Get on board with tech trends. Every year technology becomes more advanced, making it harder for marketers to stay in touch with everything that is happening in the ever-evolving field. Help your business stand apart from the competition by improving your website every few months. Simple tweaks like making websites mobile friendly and adding contact us pages will help your company stay in touch with consumers and remain top of mind. Also, make it a point to review SEO initiatives since most consumers rely on Google and Yahoo as their first step to finding what they need.

Embrace mobile. Apps are becoming increasingly more popular and, with cost-effective companies that help businesses create and maintain them, it’s definitely an investment worth having for brands. Not only are they mobile-friendly, making it easier for consumers, but they also help a brand increase its social awareness, email marketing efforts and customer service.

Concentrate on content marketing. It’s also beneficial to find ways to personalize content aimed at your target audience as well as create interactive content. Since consumers see thousands of ads and promotions every week, they become desensitized to all these marketing efforts. Creating personalized promotions targeting different regions or demographics, can improve efforts to interest and stay relevant to consumers. Also, consider making content interactive. This way your brand can engage with consumers and create a relationship with them. Even if your business can’t adjust to all the newest trends, making small efforts, like updating your website, will help your customers relate to the brand and increase awareness. The key is to establish a simple approach that everyone can get on board with and stay consistent.

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