Branding from Top to Bottom

Aug 28

By Christina Fiebich, Marketing Director  Make it Stand Out! When you choose a lid imprint, you aren't just're creating a lasting second impression.  And it's such a new tre...

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2019 Summer Tech Trends

Aug 07

Discovering what is trending can be one of the most significant sources of competitive advantage.  To help unlock that power, here are some trends in technology for this summer so you will know w...

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Take Camping to the Next Level

Jul 23

Camping, as both an activity and an industry, is enjoying unprecedented growth at the moment.  People are enjoying the outdoors in every style imaginable, and in record numbers, too.  Accord...

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Happy Pride Month!

Jun 28

While June's Pride Month is wrapping up, we recognize that the celebration and fight for equal rights aren’t over on June 30th. 2019 is important because it marks the 50th Anniversary ...

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Trending with Students in 2019

Jun 20

Trying to impress the college crowd? Need great ideas that will resonate with a new generation of students? You'll want a strategy that both creates initial impact and significant impressions over tim...

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Trade Show Experience

May 21

By Christina Fiebich, Marketing Director Trade shows can be cutthroat environments. While people are typically courteous, there are plenty of fights. Not physical altercations, but fights to get atte...

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2019 Golf Shirt Trends

Apr 29

Color-ways, Prints and Reimagined Necklines for 2019 Golf Shirts With the sunny spring season comes new beginnings, growth, and serene vibes. Fully inspired by nature, get ready to embrace a fresh ...

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Apr 25

By Christina Fiebich, Marketing Director While many people want to wish away winter altogether, there’s no denying that everyone will continue to feel its force. The season figures to help...

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The Clickability of Color

Apr 15

WHAT IS ‘THE CLICKABILITY OF COLOR’? It’s actually becoming a very important concept in the way we think about shopping in the digital age. Everyone who has something to sell should...

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Dec 06, 2018

By Christina Fiebich, Marketing Director Bags are the unsung heroes of the promotional world. They feature a large imprint area, lend themselves to repeat use and are extremely functional. Not...

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Nov 29, 2018

By Christina Fiebich, Marketing Director   U.S. manufacturing is one of the largest in the world, producing 18.2 percent of the world’s goods, according to The Balance. Safety...

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Trends with Company Holiday Parties

Nov 15, 2018

By Christina Fiebich, Marketing Director   While December signals the end of the year, it does not mean companies should let consideration for their employees go into hibernation for the wint...

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Hardworking Clothes for Hardworking Heroes

Oct 23, 2018

Bouncing back after the recession, the construction industry is hammering out a bright future.  According to the U.S. Census Bureau, construction spending in August 2017 was over $1.2 billio...

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How Augmented Reality Brings a Brand to Life!

Oct 02, 2018

By Christina Fiebich, Marketing Director Looking to really bring your brand to life, check out these amazing augmented reality Kool-Aid Man Summer Tour experiences we recreated at our QRG Twin Citie...

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Knock Your Socks Off!

Sep 25, 2018

By Christina Fiebich, Marketing Director Dress socks with bright colors and patterns are in vogue. Even in professional work settings, you are no longer beholden to the rules of matching so...

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The Power of Bags

Sep 18, 2018

By Christina Fiebich, Marketing Director Printed bags are one of the most powerful yet affordable categories of branded merchandise.  Bags raise lasting awareness of your company's brand.&n...

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Trends in College Football Fan Merch

Sep 11, 2018

College football is back, and we’re pumped because of the opportunities it opens up for innovative marketing ideas.  Think outside the box, because it's not just about advertising during th...

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Keep Your Brand Top-of-Mind this Winter

Aug 29, 2018

By Christina Fiebich, Marketing Director It's never been easier to custom design beanies and stocking caps that will increase your company's visibility.  In the U.S, the average branded hea...

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Raise the Bar!

Aug 28, 2018

By Christina Fiebich, Marketing Director New drinkware for every type of beverage was on view at the Tabletop Show, from tasting flights on wooden paddle boards to banded and cut crystal options to t...

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Fall 2018 Fashion Trends by Sanmar

Aug 24, 2018

By Christina Fiebich, Marketing Director   Just in time for school, apparel provider Sanmar shares their look at Fall 2018 trends.  Instead of school uniform, think "you-niform". ...

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More Trending Tech Gifts for 2018

Aug 22, 2018

By Christina Fiebich, Marketing Director Yesterday, I shared that the hottest tech gift item for 2018 is wireless chargers.  Unsurprisingly, I got a lot of feedback asking, "What else is new in ...

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Hottest Tech Holiday Gift for 2018

Aug 21, 2018

By Christina Fiebich, Marketing Director If you've got techies on your gift list, wireless chargers are hands down the best gift of 2018. Apple and Android compatible, many of these chargers come wit...

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Performance Fabric for Smartly Dressed Female Professionals

Aug 20, 2018

By Christina Fiebich, Marketing Director Like most professional women today, I work long hours, travel regularly, and want to look stylish and professional while doing it.  Plus, I want the adde...

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The Flannel Phenomenon

Aug 17, 2018

By Christina Fiebich, Marketing Director We reported Wednesday that "Flannel isn't going anywhere," which got us thinking, where did it come from? Promo Marketing reported that "The long-held joke in...

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What's Trending in Tees on College Campuses

Aug 16, 2018

By Christina Fiebich, Marketing Director   Bella+Canvas released their Sorority T-shirt Trend video update today. Take a look to see what's trending on college campuses.  

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Major Apparel Trends Spotlighted in Supreme's Fall 2018 Collection

Aug 15, 2018

By Christina Fiebich, Marketing Director   We work hard to stay on top of the apparel trends that make an impact. The New York streetwear company Supreme just this week unveiled its Fall 2018 c...

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