2019 Summer Tech Trends

  • Aug 7, 2019

Discovering what is trending can be one of the most significant sources of competitive advantage.  To help unlock that power, here are some trends in technology for this summer so you will know what products people want.

TREND 1: Multi-Function Products With Wireless Charging

Twice the fun and twice the function. These products have built-in wireless charging power banks to keep your phone powered up when you're out and about. 

Palm Bluetooth Speaker With Wireless Power Bank


High Sierra Scorpion Wireless Power Bank Lantern


TREND 2: Logos That Light Up A Room

Laser decoration on these tech products creates a logo that lights up when the product's in use. 

Light Up Logo Bluetooth Headphones


Tumbler Light Up Logo Bluetooth Speaker


TREND 3: Waterproof Tech

Summer's all about being outside. These products are designed to withstand the elements.

WIFI Smart Outdoor Outlet


Tahoe Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker


Keep Up With the Trends

These products have great capabilities, making them sure to see plenty of use.  That means an enormous amount of potential impressions your brand will make.  Don't miss out on these trends for this summer.  Contact QRG via our website or call 800.999.3468.